Aug 20

2014 TOCC Paniolo Ironman Event


2014 TOCC Paniolo Ironman race course (10 miles)

2014-08-16 Mud Lake (Clear Lake, TX) Texas Outrigger Canoe Club (TOCC) hosted their annual Paniolo Ironman Event. The 2014 Paniolo Ironman was a 10-mile run from Mud Lake through the Kemah Channel out into the bay.

The participating crews were from the host club (TOCC), Hokulele OCC (HOCC), Hoewa’a Dallas OCC (HDOCC), and Austin OCC (AOCC).

The weather was surprisingly pleasant. The event was well-organized and executed. The company and the food were excellent, as always!

AOCC Women’s crew :

(1) Sandra Cormier / Carleton Kruse *, (2) Momi Kane ***, (3) Kila Nixon, (4) Tina Ho, (5) Christy Rodriguez ** (6) Denise Scioli

AOCC Men’s crew :

(1) Chris Almaguer, (2) Tri Bach, (3) Mike Brooks, (4) Ben Castro **, (5) Mike Scioli, (6) Justin Mcguire

* injury substitution, TOCC
** on loan from TOCC
*** on loan from HDOCC

The results are as follows :


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