May 27

Austin Outrigger Canoe Club meets Girl Scouts of Central Texas

We were thrilled to take on the mighty-women-in-training from the Girl Scouts of Central Texas this morning! A baker’s dozen of young women turned-out for this opportunity with about one-half that number of adult supervisors.

This is part of our outreach, and part of our mission (both as an outrigger club and as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation). It was an unqualified success!

Austin OCC members demonstrated some basic water safety, some basic paddling technique, and away they went in Mimi (our OC-4) and Makalani (one of our OC-6s). We even ran them through a couple of huli drills (the canoe huli’d … intentionally overturned) and they performed spectacularly.

I saw a lot of smiles and I heard a lot of “I want to do that, again!” … from the Girl Scouts and from Austin OCC members.

Thank you, so much, ladies for your visit! We look forward to doing this, again!!

Thank you, Justin McGuire (president), Chris Almaguer (treasurer), Wolf Dilworth and Mike Scioli (co-quartermasters), Binh & Hong Hua, Len Sorese, and the rest of the crew who labored, over the past several months, in the pursuit of getting our OC-4, Mimi, ready to go back into the water!

Thank you to the following Austin OCC members that were able to help with today’s event :
Justin McGuire (president), Denise Scioli (vice-president), Chris Almaguer (treasurer), Wolf Dilworth and Mike Scioli (co-quartermasters), Joy Emshoff, Stu Fields, Binh & Hong Hua, J.D. Martinez, Tracy Quon, Murray (& Dawson) Sagal, Phil & Angie Schafer, and Len Sorese!

Thanks, too, go to Austin Coolers Dragon Boat Team for their cooperation in photographing the event!
All images courtesy of Phil Schafer and copyright 2017 Austin Outrigger Canoe Club.