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Active, dues-paying members should make certain that Mike Scioli obtains a working e-mail address and a mobile phone number from you. Please include your mobile carrier, too, as TeamSnap requests that information.

These can be transmitted via e-mail to:
[Subject : TeamSnap].

TeamSnap is used for active Austin OCC members to sign-up for workouts and events or to check-up on whether a workout will ‘make’ or not. It is not a social media site for us. Abuse of the privilege will get you banned.

Once Mike gets you signed-up, an invitation is e-mail by / from TeamSnap (not from Mike nor from Austin OCC). The e-mailed invitation contains a link to access TeamSnap and to set your own password.

We strongly advise that you keep your e-mail address and mobile number current in the TeamSnap database. If there is a last-minute cancellation, a text message will go out to your mobile number advising you that the workout has been cancelled. This can save everyone a lot of driving / traffic headaches.

By default, TeamSnap is rather ‘chatty’ – it sends out a stream of e-mail reminders and notifications that I (Mike) do not need to see. I advise you to login to TeamSnap, choose the PREFERENCES tab, and make the changes.

Change the TeamSnap preferences to these!

Change the TeamSnap preferences to these!

Do yourself a favor and avoid the buttons next to “Mark Unchecked:”

The ‘check mark’ button confirms that you are attending all future workouts … every single one of them. The ‘X’ button confirms that you will skip all future workouts. The ‘question mark’ is as useless as the teats on a bull. If your status is listed as ‘?’ for a workout, we assume that your aren’t paddling.

In case of mistakes, we cannot reverse them ourselves. We have to get the TeamSnap programmers to undo these changes.