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The 2017 Austin OCC Sprints event is in the books

Wow! The 2017 Austin OCC Sprints was a HUGE event!! It was a lot of fun even though the official NWS high temperature was recorded at 100 F, the event got underway a couple of hours late, and the water temperature in Lake Bastrop was hotter than anything in which I have bathed in decades!

Times can be found here.

Thanks, Texas OCC! Thanks, Hoewa’a Dallas OCC! Thanks, Team Hokulele! Thanks, San Antonio OCC! Thanks, Rio Grande Valley OCC! (And, of course, thanks, Austin OCC!)

There have never been as many teams represented in a Texas outrigger event before! Neither have as many paddlers participated in a Texas outrigger event before!! The sport is growing.

Thanks, Austin OCC President, Justin McGuire for spearheading this effort. Thanks, Tracy Quon, Joy Emshoff, Ginsie Stauss, and Denise Scioli for the hours of planning and printing the new shirt design, and the awards.

We are so sorry that we did not get to distribute them at the event, Ginsie, as the crowd began to thin as soon as the racing was done … long before the results tallying was completed!!

Thanks, Tracy, Joy, Bob Spain, and everyone else that was involved in getting four lanes worth of buoys deployed. We learned a few things that we hope will make this faster at the next event.

Thanks, Denise and everyone else that was involved in the registration of paddlers. We learned a few things that will streamline this process at the next event.

Thanks, Alma Forti, Becky Naddef, Jenny Tam, and everyone else involved in timing the race. T.O.R.A. (Texas Outrigger Racing Association) rules need to be followed better next time. In particular, we need timing help from all clubs. Shade, cold drinks, and comfort need to be a forethought next time, not an afterthought.

Thanks to all of our members who provided the coffee, cold water / energy drinks / iced tea, breakfast items, fruit, salads, and side-dishes that complimented the chicken and brisket so lovingly grilled by J.D. Martinez. J.D., we will have some significant improvements in your comfort in-place before the next event. I am already in the process of re-creating a hand-and-utensil washing system to make your task easier and the whole process safer.

Thanks Phil Schafer and Jenny Tam for photographing the event for posteriety (that is a misspelling but the combination of posterity and notoriety is too good to correct).

Thanks, Austin OCC members who were there until the bitter end, helping with the tear-down of the site, the hauling of equipment across the grounds, derigging of the canoes, pulling of buoys, loading everything properly onto the trailer or into vehicles. Y’all are too numerous to mention and the risk of inadvertently omitting someones name from the list is too great.

One final thanks from the Austin OCC management to all who paddled their hearts out, to all who were patient with late-afternoon lineup changes, and to all who were patient as we provided opportunities to our newest members to paddle even as it might have reduced some opportunities to be a bit more competitive. What is the role of senior and more-experienced paddlers if not to prepare and to provide the newest members with such opportunity?

Sandra CormierAaron Braud
Joy EmshoffWolf Dilworth (ground support)
Alma Forti (ground support)
Rob Forti
Hong HuaBinh Hua
Becky NaddefJim Jones
Tracy QuonJ.D. Martinez (ground support)
Angie SchaferJustin McGuire
Denise ScioliPhil Schafer
Ginsie StaussMike Scioli
Jenny TamJustin Stevenson
Kila Vare-Nixon