Workout Schedule

We have largely abandoned Yahoo! Groups in favor of TeamSnap.

For details about TeamSnap as we use it see this link :

Note :

We utilize a Yahoo! Groups mailing list and a sign-up database for workouts. You are strongly encouraged to join this group.

Yahoo! Groups in the past year has sometimes left something-to-be-desired. It appears to no longer work with smart phones. It will sometimes work better with Google’s Chrome browser than with Firefox. Your mileage may vary. 😉

Register and sign-up :

Check our Workout Schedule page for days / times when we are normally on the water.

1) Register on the Yahoo! Groups page
2) Choose the workout that you are interested in the Evening Workouts or Morning Workouts databases
3) Add a Record and place your name in the appropriate slot. Please do not use a line that someone else is already using.

We look forward to seeing you on the water!

Our current workout schedule :

  • Evening workouts are possible (minimum crew of three plus an approved steersperson)
    1. Monday – Friday 1800 hrs (organizer = Denise, Justin, Mike)
      (this is usually a good workout for a novice)
  • Morning workouts are possible (minimum crew of three plus an approved steersperson)
    1. Monday – Friday 0530hrs (organizer = Denise)
    2. Saturday & Sunday 0630 hrs (organizer = Denise)
    3. Saturday & Sunday 0830 hrs (organizer = Denise, Justin, Mike)
      This is usually a fairly rigorous workout.

Protocol :

Unless there is electrical activity (lightning), we paddle in the rain. If in doubt, check for text messages from Denise, Justin, or Mike. Check the TeamSnap sign-ups (availability) and be certain to refresh the page on your browser / phone.

A lot of us drive 30 miles round-trip and there are team members who drive 100+ miles each way from San Antonio for a workout so, if you are going to miss a workout or are going to be late, be a responsible person and
1) remove your name from the TeamSnap signup (with plenty of advance notice)
2) text the others who are signed-up and give them fair warning.

If you are delayed, please let us know your status at least 15 minutes in advance. If we know that you will be late, we can always circle back to pick you up. Very few of us carry mobile devices on the water.

Paddlers are encouraged to park in the Rainey Street area.* When possible, proceed to the canoes in a group, especially during the early morning and late evening darkness. Leave the same way, in groups. Make certain that everyone gets safely to their vehicle.

*At the moment, parking on the street in the downtown area is metered

  • Monday through Wednesday : 0800 hrs – 1800 hrs
    (Wednesday evening parking is about to drop into the next category)
  • Thursday and Friday : 0800 hrs – 0000 hrs
  • Saturday : 1100 hrs – 0000 hrs.

*Parking in the MACC (Emma Barrientos Mexican-American Cultural Center) is free on Sunday (0300 hrs – evening) unless there is an event scheduled there (in which case there is no parking for paddlers).

See our Contact page for a map :

Paddlers are encouraged to arrive, well-hydrated, at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the workout.

Bring your paddle (or let Denise or Justin know that you need a loaner and how tall you are), drink (a couple of liters on a hot summer day), and clothing suitable for a water sport.

Outrigger canoes are very stable but they can turn over (huli) in a flash when paddlers lean to the wrong side. Therefore, we advise that you leave phones, cameras, and other electronics hidden in your vehicle. Keys should be hooked to a suitable spot on the rigging.

Each paddler assumes full responsibility for any and all personal equipment brought on-board. In other words, we are not responsible for your lost or damaged property.